Be thankful for these plentiful November Sightings photos exclusive to While you’re going over turkey and stuffing recipes, we’ve got Willis Kimbel, Justin Brock, Theotis Beasley, John Lupfer, Dorian Gray, Peter Raffin, Ryan Reyes, and Truman Hooker from the lenses of Dave Chami, Mike O’Meally, Jason Hainault, Blair Alley, and Austin Squire. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Justin Brock, frontside boardslide up, San Francisco, California. Photo: CHAMI

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Theotis Beasley


Aidan Campbell, frontside 360, Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: BARTON

Nassim Guammaz, 50-50 transfer, Santa Monica, California. Photo: BARTON

Peter Raffin, 180 nosegrind, BC, Canada. Photo: O’MEALLY

Ryan Reyes, wallie, Six Side, Canada. Photo: O’MEALLY

Willis Kimbel, stalefish, Pier Park, Portland, Oregon. Photo: O’MEALLY

Theotis Beasley, backside heelflip, San Francisco, California. Photo: CHAMI

Dorian Gray, five-O, San Diego, California. Photo: BLAIR

John Lupfer, frontside boardslide, San Diego, California. Photo: HAINAULT

Truman Hooker, frontside wallride, San Diego, California. Photo: SQUIRE