Here’s a new installment in the lightning quick whirlwind of modern web content. I have been building these #sixframesequences for my @deadhippie handle over the past few years and figured they would be easy to send out as visual interview questions to the skaters featured in them. The first one I built back in 2014, and the first one I sent out (in March 2017) was to Julien Stranger in hopes of shedding light on his forever confounding quasi wallride out “tailslide” that closes out his part in Underworld Element’s cult classic ’93 release Sky-Pager. By some further miracle, Julien was quick to respond. If anybody was ever in the Search of the Miraculous, look no further than this clip. Here’s Julien.

Julien’s “tailslide” in SF’s Mission District from Underworld Element’s Sky-Pager (1993).

Julien Stranger: (It was a) total fluke.  I really wanted to slide the shit out of it. I can’t remember if it was a slick board. The ledge was rough but didn’t get much sun so it had a kinda subtle moss to it.  Very light. So that and the speed made me think it would have to go but it kept biting and I had taken a bunch of hits before this. So I took what I could get which actually felt pretty good.

Diamond Supply Co. founder Nick Tershay front 180’d the same gap in our May 1993 issue. As the caption states, the spot, which also appeared in videos like A Visual Sound (94) and Trilogy (96) was the result of earthquake damage. Note the ‘subtle’ moss. Photo: Yelland.

Here’s the full part. Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is.

Julien Stranger, Sky-Pager, 1993.

Stay tuned for more Six Frames.
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