Sixth Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest

Words: Justin Gold Photos: David Stoddard (unless otherwise noted.)

After six years, what started as a couple wooden ramps in a gravely parking lot in Scotts Valley, Ca. has made its return to the city. For the last five years since the first contest the event was held at the Vans park in Milpitas. The goal of the contest was to use the funds raised to build a skateboard park in Tim’s name and at the end of last September it officially opened and just in time for this years contest. Although not completely done the crowd showed up early to the not yet paved dusty parking lot and gathered around the temporary chain link fence. As the dogs hit the BBQ the contest got underway.  

After another year of going to traditional skateboard contests, it’s always refreshing to be part of a contest that feels more like a skate sessions with your friends, and is not filled with the stresses and worries of traditional competition. After the unsponsored kids had their runs it was on to the Sponsored ams. With the park being less then a month old every line is a new one and every trick is the first time it’s been done. The big standouts were Jesse Gullings with his gap to invert transfer from the big bowl to the street course and Emmanuel Guzman’s front-side blunt on the extension of the big bowl.   

When everyone had had their runs, the judges tallied up the scores and compared notes, and in keeping with the tradition of the contest there were no finals...   

Unsponsored 12 and under

1st Trevor Conley

2nd Dylan McKay

3rd Blake Spencer  

Unsponsored 13 and over

1st Tommy Werner

2nd Daniel Solo

3rd A.J. Grimshaw  

Sponsored Am

1st Jesse Gullings

2nd Emmanuel Guzman

3rd Josh Mattson  

Thanks to all of our sponsors this year especial Etnies, Independent, Vans, Mountain Dew, Dragon, TransWorld Skate, Thrasher, Slap, Concussion, Black Label, Accel Wheels, Foundation, Pig, Bones, Giant, and everyone who’s donated their time and effort to make this event possible.  



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