Skate 4 Cancer

Skate4Cancer is the realization of a dream for Rob Dyer. The main focus of Skate4Cancer is to raise awareness of the youth to their ability to succeed and take action around their convictions, and to raise funds for research into a cure.

Rob, with the help of Kyle Massaar, the tour manager, and his support team, will complete a marathon from Los Angeles, California, across the continent and north, up to Newmarket, Ontario. Riding his board across the Rockies, the Appalachians and through the Mojave Desert, they will raise much needed funds for cancer research.

Once the marathon is completed, the Skate4Cancer Team intends to repeat it on an ongoing basis. They hope to continue to raise money for research into one of the most dreaded diseases known to mankind.

Leslie Ruttan sent us an original script written by Kyle Massaar, the tour manager on June 29th.

June 29, 2004

I’m sitting in my car, just outside of Norfolk, VA. Rob’s asleep but I’m up, just thinking about the last 4 months of my life. I’ve been living out here, on the road, but I’ve also been living a dream. Together, Rob and I have been running a charity called Skate4Cancer. The idea is to skateboard from LA to Toronto, raising funds and awareness for cancer research along the way. So far, so good. Despite many (figurative) roadblocks and problems along the way, we’re still at it and living out something that, quite possibly, wouldn’t have happened without the help of hundreds of other individuals. The dedication of many people back home has been invaluable, and with less then a month left in the trip, we need it more than ever. On July 17 we will be crossing the American/Canadian border at Niagara Falls, and we will be home in Toronto on July 24 (Another, smaller, marathon will begin in September, this time through Canada from Montreal, Quebec to London, Ontario, visiting many schools along the way). It’s been a long trip, and hard at times, but everytime I see a smile light up the face of a child with cancer, I know that no matter if we raise 10 dollars or 10 million, we’ve touched lives out here and made a difference.

Leslie sent us some pics of some of the people along the way that have helped out in one way or another and two from the hospital visits the guys have made.

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