Last Friday, May 12, skateboarding royalty far and wide descended on the City National Grove in Anaheim for the 8th Annual Induction Ceremony and Icon Awards for the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. This year’s new batch of members joining the pastime’s most exclusive club came in the form of Bob Mohr, Gregg Weaver, Russ Howell, Shogo Kubo, Kim Cespedes, Vicki Vickers, Mike McGill, Eric Dressen, and Daewon Song. The Icon Award recipients meanwhile came in the form of Sonia Catalano for her four decades of dedication to C.A.S.L, Jim Phillips for his lifetime of artwork through Santa Cruz and NHS, and Thrasher Magazine for nearly four decades of Skate and Destroy.

While it took me some two-and-a-half hours to make the drive from West LA to Angels Stadium in Anaheim (on a game night, and on a Friday you generally know to expect the worst), I was able to shoot a few photos and witness an event that over the past eight years has continued to evolve, celebrate and bring together generations of skateboarders from across the globe to recognize and solidify our shared history and highlight the key roots and branches that made and continue to make skateboarding the best thing on the planet.

An overview of the stage at the Grove of Anaheim. Vans has more or less upgraded the ceremony with each passing year.

This year’s host was none other than Steve Olson. Regular MC David Hackett took the year off. Thomas Barker, the Executive Director of IASC is off to the right. Thomas does most of the heavy lifting to make this event happen.

’77 World Champion and Hobie team legend Kim Cespedes giving her passionate acceptance speech. As archival footage played at stage right the crowd oh’d and ah’d at her liquid smooth style.

Shogo Kubo’s son Shota accepts the award for his father (RIP) as Christian Hosoi explains the importance of his legacy.

The intermission was blessed with some beautiful Ray Barbee guitar jams. Thanks Ray!

Chris from Dear presents the program guide in front of Eric Dressen’s board and photo hung along with a collection of artifacts from the Skate Lab Hall of Fame Museum exhibit in the lobby.

Daewon Song prepares to give his speech after Rodney Mullen walks off stage following his amazing intro of Daewon.

The end of Daewon’s speech. “Skateboarding… I’ll never stop doing it.” Straight from the heart.

Eric Dressen makes his Hall of Fame status official with Olson on the mic, Salba lurking, and Jim “Red Dog” Muir of Dogtown Skates infamy on the right.

Dressen with trophy in hand. Certified legend. Let us know in the comments who you think should be nominated next year.

A huge congrats to all the inductees and massive thanks to Vans, ISHOF, IASC, GSF, the HOF Executive Committee—Todd Huber at Skate Lab, Lance Mountain, Jim Muir, Laura Thornhill-Caswell, Steve Olson, David Hackett, and Thomas Barker for all of their hard work and hope to see you there next year. Who should they nominate next? Leave a comment and let us know.

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