For the first time ever, Skatelite, the world's premier manufacturer of skate ramp surface materials made in good ol' Tacoma, USA, hosted The Retreat on Lopez Island off the coast of Seattle, Washington on August 17. Skatelite invited up pros Paul Rodriguez, Bob Burnquist, Jereme Rogers, PLG, David Gravette, Lincoln Ueda, Adam Dyet, Bucky Lasek, Greg Lutzka, Manny Santiago, and more up for a week of island living to celebrate the end of the summer’s contest season. Amid whale watching, fishing, and good ol’ R&R, the pinnacle of the weekend was the skatepark opening, demo, and concert on Lopez Island where over 3,000 people came out from the San Juan Islands and Seattle area. Skatelite built a brand new, permanent street plaza to give back to the residents and encourage skating in its community. California RampWorks set up the X Games vert ramp for the weekend so the locals could see pro caliber vert riding as well. Add in a concert, food court/beer garden, and helicopter rides, and this is one experience we won’t soon forget!  See more coverage on Skatelite’s blog and our photos.

Video by Casey McPerry, photo by Blair Alley
Music: Sol, Stage Dive