Am Slam Stop #3 Wrap Up

Sun Diego Am Slam #3 went down Sunday at Oceanside’s Melba Bishop Skatepark. Chase Webb took the Pro Am division. Brendon Villanueva and Austin Zito were killing it too! Check out the video and photos below!


17 and up-First CJ Encini-Second Tanner loller-Third Bryce Hagan
Alexis Ramirez kickflip backside tail
Alexis Ramirez switch barley grind
Alexis Ramirez switch tre flip
Am-Pro first Chase Webb-Second Tyreece Bovain-Third Brendon Villanueva
Austin Lenahan front 270 lip
Austin Lenahan front board flat and down
Austin Lenahan nollie flip into bank
Austin Lenahan nosegrind
Austin Zito back nosegrind pop out
Austin Zito back nosegrind
Austin Zito backside melon
Austin Zito bennet grind
Austin Zito boneless
Austin Zito crook pull over
Austin Zito no comply 180
Brendon Villanueva frontside flip
Brendon Villanueva frontside air
Brendon Villanueva impossible lip
Brian Abraham melon 180
Bryce Hagan back tailslide
Bryce Hagan melon to smith
Bryce Hagan nosegrind pop in
CJ Encini fingerflip tail
CJ Encini front 360
Caleb Smith feeble up
Caleb Smith front salad
Caleb Smith over crooks
Chase Webb 270 disaster
Chase Webb baskside smith
Chase Webb fronside feeble
Chase Webb kickflip into bank
Corey Blanchard frontside crooks
Corey Blanchard kickflip 5-0
Corey Blanchard kickflip front feeble
Corey Blanchard kickflip grind
Corey Eskabar back tailslide
Corey Eskabar frontside crooks
Crowd 2
Matayo Royal kickflip front board
Matayo royal kickflip back grind
Matt Delguidice
Tanner Loller backside smith grind
Tyreece Bovain kickflip footplant
Weston Spark front hurricane
Zack Saraceno switch frontside flip

1. Chase Webb
2. Tyriece Bovain
3. Brendan Villanueva
4. Austin Zito

Video / WOJAHN Photos / GOULD