Soul Bowl Contest in HB

Barrels, Boobs, a Bowl, and Some Punk Skateboarding

Peters, Burnside, Mag and Hassan shred the overhead walls of the Soul Bowl in Surf City. The Soul Bowl is actually a side show event to the US Open of surfing, the biggest surf contest in the US. I think Taj Burrow won that, but since surfing borrows most of its tricks from skateboarding then we will let others ( cover the surfing.

A vert bowl with a hip in it is constructed right on the sand and some of skateboardings all time legends and current top vert pros converge to compete, hang out and enjoy the beach. They put a nice new Skatelite surface on the bowl this year and that made it a lot faster than previous years. As a result, the level of skating went up and the skaters seemed to have more fun. To win took a combination of ramp and pool skills. You had to have the sick tricks and crazy lines. Along with the skateboarding there are other distractions; surfing, BMX, motocross jumping, vendor booths and lots of boobies. Please excuse me if I lack in detail cuz I was out getting shots of girls, for you, the fans, much of the time.

Hey, for skateboarders it was living history, if you missed it, you missed a good time. Get your ass to Huntington Beach next year.


The top 3 finishers were pretty much the best 3 vert girls on the planet. The girls are really stepping it up, getting a lot better each year. Mimi had some really hard tricks on lockdown, like frontside Ollies and frontside inverts, 3rd place. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins maybe could have won because she did so many back to back airs and even pulled a kickflip Indy but veteran Cara Beth Burnside won by doing huge airs, especially her liens over the hip. Nice work ladies!

Masters (31-36)

This group consisted of some recently retired pros and two really good older guys. Tony Magnusson and Mike McGill both belong with the Grandmasters age-wise but since they still rip so hard they get upgraded to the Masters. It also became a McGill-Magnusson skate off. Those two easily dominated and Tony beat Mike in fine style. They both did 540s and tons of other fancy skatin’ but Tony went above and beyond the call of duty by doing 540 rodeos, big airs and a ton of lip tricks. Eric Nash skated into third. Jake Piassecci qualified first but couldn’t quite pull it together in the finals. Christian Hosoi was rumored to compete in this group today. He did not compete but he was on the deck hanging out with the bros. Christian skated on Thursday, for fun only—heard he was ripping.

Grandmasters (37 and up)

Some big time historical skate figures were in this group, like Steve Alba, Duane Peters, Eric Grisham, Mike Smith, Alan Gelfand, Chris Cook, and more. We’re talking about guys that made up many tricks that are still important today. These guys were charging, talk about going for the gold. There were almost always 2 guys in the bowl at a time (jam format) and sometimes 5, total chaos, it was great. Salba did not go the highest or do the most tricks but he did make ample use of the bowl. I think the judges liked how Mr. Alba used every line in the bowl and rightfully gave him third place. Henry Gutierrez was blasting the biggest airs and foot plants in the group, stoked to see him get second. There is not much you can say to describe Duane Peters; you just have to see him skate in person. Duane skates sketchier that anyone you have ever seen but Duane somehow makes it look good; he is truly The Master of Disaster. There is no way I can name all the tricks he did but here are a few; invert revert, invert to truck, b-side airs, Indy airs, frontside airs, acid drops with no speed and more, the guy is insane to watch. The last run of the day was Duane packing so hard, laying there looking hurt for a while, then getting up and smiling about it. Punk as F___!

Young Guns (30 and below)

Ok, these guys were pumped up and ggoing for it. So many different types of skating that judging would have been no easy task. Ruda Lopez inspired Bob Burnquist to skate vert back in Brazil and Ruda was shredding today, including crail reverts on the extension. Lincoln Ueda went way higher than everyone else and hauled ass though the corners but I think the judges were looking for pool type tricks so he didn’t get on the podium. Brian Patch worked the bowl with a speedy variety of lip tricks, airs and lines to take third place. Matt Moffett’s airs were a little higher but he did less lip work than Patch, regardless, Matt got second. Omar was on fire and deserved victory. Want some of his tricks? Here’s a few; Christ air to fakie, Madonna, Madonna to smith grind, 540, big airs, lip slides all the way through the corners and I think that was just the first run. Omar said he was stoked to see Hosoi in the crowd because Omar was inspired by Hosoi at a demo at this very same surf contest way back in the 80s.



1. Cara Beth Burnside
2. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
3. Mimi Knoop

Masters (31-36)

1. Tony Magnusson
2. Mike McGill
3. Eric Nash

Grandmasters (37 & Up)

1. Duane Peters
2. Henry Gutierrez
3. Steve Alba

Young Guns (30 and under)

1. Omar Hassan
2. Matt Moffett
3. Brian Patch

Best Trick on the Extension

Brian Patch — Frontside Nosegrind Revert

Longest Frontside Air over the Hip

Lincoln Ueda — 17′

Longest Backside Air over the Hip

Brian Patch — 10’6