((Sounder)), Good Things Come And Go Like Bad Things

Good Things Come And Go Like Bad Things
Volcom Entertainment

    Crap. Mike Aho and Steve Stratton have just made one of the finest, most tender and heartfelt albums ever to receive the mixed blessing of being in some peripheral way associated with the skateboard industry. Now granted, involvement with skateboarding virtually guarantees a built-in audience for your other endeavors, but it also generally pigeonholes your efforts and relegates you to being merely “skate famous,” which as Tim O’Connor reminded us is “not famous at all.”

    So it’s a crying shame when it comes to ((Sounder)), because on Good Things… they manage to channel equal parts Lou Barlow and Mark Kozelek, yet without sounding quite like either Sebadoh, Red House Painters, or Sun Kil Moon, and for that they deserve wider acclaim. Here’s the thing, ((Sounder)) is genuinely good. Really good, actually, and I like this album tons. Sh-t, I just realized something: it’s way easier to be funny and mean when you’re writing about a crappy album (and admit it, those reviews are far more entertaining). I’m totally screwed now. Thanks for nothing, ((Sounder)), you’ve made me realize how bad I am at my job. Hey Steve, how about you send me some pants and we’ll call it even?—Andreas Trolf