Sour Solution II is almost here! Sour’s newest full length was filmed on VXs and edited by Gustav Tonnesen himself! The team did a three-stop premiere tour in Europe (BCN, London, and Paris), then hit NYC for a chilly three days, then came out west to show the video in Long Beach and San Diego. Here’s the last leg of the premiere tour, in photos, from SoCal.

In Long Beach, the boys got rooms on the Queen Mary! All aboard!

Ok, up to the aft deck for a team portrait. L to R: Martin Sandberg, Josef Scott Jatta, Nisse Ingemarsson, Oscar Candon, filmer Jack Thompson, Barney Page, Simon Isaksson, and bossman Bjorn Holmenas.

Wes, Marius, and P-Kid, get in there!

Over at The Good Bar…

Martin getting a taste of PBR and an American skater bar.

Bjorn’s a shark!

The handrail cowboy! Cole Wilson.

Alexis Ramirez rolled up from Chula to check the show.

Limp Bizkit still has fans!

Locale Trading’s Dustin, gettin’ friendly with the locals.

Yo! The Good Bar’s owner Blake. Thanks so much dude!

Proper NB gents: Nisse, Marius, and Levi.

Supra’s Cameron Strand and Mario Miller came to check Oscar’s work.

Supra hooked up Oscar with a carton of his fav American smokes.

Trent McClung with Long Beach OG Rob G.

Papke/Yary duo. Good peeps.

Niels Bennett is ready for this shit to kick off!

Post premiere break down with Nick Garcia, Simon, and Bjorn.

Old Barcelona roommates Nick Garcia and Simon.

Okay, now on down the coast to SD!

Now at Bluefoot Bar in San Diego, a bit of deja vu…

Bjorn killing the locals once again on the felt.

Managing bangers with Wes and Co.

A true governor.

Rhino, Mike Fitz, Jimmy Cao, and Bjorn are feeling the hype.

Brothers from different mothers! Wes, Govs, Martin and Nisse.

Chris Larue and Angelo Rakigjija.

The boys were getting revved up for the San Diego premiere!

Hankthis and Ironlung Myles. Where we droppin’?

The lovely Vanessa behind the bar.


Juni and Profile held down the sounds.

Yep. This one is gonna blow your mind.

That’s it! Last premiere in the can!

Blowing minds, one city at a time.

Blair Alley and Simon. Photo: Nisse.

Angelo and Poo Screen. They never miss a skate premiere.

Everybody wanted a photo with the star of the vid.

Josef in end-of-premiere-tour mode.

Ryan Sherman and Barney Page held down the bar like true gentlemen.

Sour Solution II is available for pre-order now!

Photos by Blair Alley