Stance Open House Party

Last night, Stance Socks threw one hell of a party to show off its newly completed office space in San Clemente, California. It’s state of the art facility, which is only second to the Google offices probably, has one of the sickest wooden bowls around, regulation sized basketball court and indoor gym which was over taken by hundreds of people there to mingle and watch some gnarly bowl skating from Riley Stevens, Robbie Russo, Curren Caples and more. There were aslo live performances from Capital Cities, The Bots, Joshua Payne and DJ Reflex. Thanks to Stance Socks for an epic night and we're coming back to skate the bowl soon!

Blake from Workaholics, Erica Yary, and Blake’s wife.

Chris Russell, boneless.

Chris Russell, backside ollie.

Lady killers Curren Caples and Daniel Lutheran.

When the East is in the house, oh my god… Ishod Wair and Chris Cole.

Zero since day one, Jamie Thomas and Adrian Lopez.

Lui Elliott and Alex Midler.

Riley Stevens going big frontside.

Robbie Russo, no comply to tailslide.

Robbie Russo, backside air.

The Bots rocked the house!

Photos / OWENS