NYC was blessed last week with Mike O'Meally's “The State Of Us” photo show which took place at the Soho Arts Club on the Bowery. The exhibition opened on September 11, with the main aim to raise money towards the FDNY's Fire Family Transport Foundation. NY heads old and new came through to see Mike’s photos he’s shot over the past 20 years that he’s lived in America. Big prints, shot on film, non skate images from extensive travels across the country. The theme was deeply rooted in fire, water, NYC  and American symbolism. In addition to that he made a wall of 100+ Xerox printouts from his  haunting collection of planes, birds, blimps and helicopters that appear close to powerlines and buildings—a self-described “game” he invented to help cure his own PTSD from 9/11 by playing target practice with his camera. It was one of the most interesting aspects of the show and a great backdrop for the “selfie” crowd.
The following night Mike presented a slideshow at Max Fish called “The Day the Town Went Quiet,” which consisted of 100 or so unseen photos from NYC which he shot on September 12, 2001—the day after the World Trade Center came down. The photos depict Jeff Pang, Spencer Fujimoto, Todd Jordan, Sean Kelling, Eli Gesner, John Carter, Andy Henrie, Aaron Meza and Giovanni Reda, who all met up that day in 2001 and skated around the city for a few hours. From Union Square to Grand Central, back down Broadway and over to the Westside Highway, the crew is seen weaving between police cars, fire engines and emergency responders, state police and teen-aged National Guard soldiers. Set to the instrumental sounds of Nas’ track New York State of Mind, the slideshow represented a powerful yet positive reaction to a traumatic event. Something that anyone could feel proud to witness.
The two shows raised $1000, which will be donated to the  FDNY Fire Family Transport Foundation thanks to adidas Skateboarding.
Warm thanks go out to the Soho Arts Club, Max Fish, Old Blue Last Beer, The Flower Shop NYC.
Special thanks to adidas Skateboarding for supporting these events.

For more information or to make a donation please got to FDNY's Fire Family Transport Foundation Website:

A classic O’Meally black and white Image of a cop inspecting a car that hit a fire hydrant in LA 2002. Photo: Boyz Bieber

A fan with a signed O’Meally xerox print.

A NY skate fan checking out the big 40×30″ print. Photo: Boyz Bieber

A view of the main print wall. Photo: Boyz Bieber

Brooklyn, 2001

Antonio Durao shows some real NYC Love.

Blair & JZ take a moment before the crowd rolls through.

Boyz, Teagues & JZ adding the final touches.

Chicago, 2005.

DJ Blair & MC Boogie kept the tunes & vibes popping. Photo: Boyz Bieber

Down to the last detail, Boyz & JZ finessing.

Glen E Freidman & Mike O’Meally catching up. Photo: Boyz Bieber

Jerry Mraz inquires about the skateability of a Texas church rooftop with Mike O’Meally. Photo: Boyz Bieber

JZ and Antonio Durao.

JZ ready with his baby ear muffs while MC Boogie tickles the feet.

NYC, 1998.

Keith Hardy and Justin hanging tough.

Keith Hardy came through and checked the photos. Photo: Boyz Bieber

Kristen from OLD Blue Last/Vice Brought stoke and free beer. Photo: Boyz Bieber

Marco Hernandez & Sam taking down the 100 or so Xerox at the end of the night. Photo: Boyz Bieber

Mike Heikkila & some fans with signed Xerox print outs. Photo: Boyz Bieber

Mike sigend a whole stack of 11×14″ Xerox which were given away to fans on the night. Photo: Boyz Bieber

NYC brings out the most fashionable crowd. Photo: Boyz Bieber

NYC Skate family representing. Photo: Boyz Bieber

OG Niagra Barman, JiuJitsu Legend John Bush catches up with Mike O’Meally

Rob Pluhowski, NYC, 2003.

Jahmal Williams outside the gallery catching up with O’Meally before it got crowded inside.

Boyz, O’Meally, and Steve Tierney who helped hang the show.


Kristen Scalise and friends.

O'Meally handed Domenic Ming a pair of freshies!

Bruno Musso and his lovely lady.

NYC posse in effect.

AJ Rodriguez and friends.

Jon Newport, Marc Razo, Alex Corporan and Niddy.

Legends: Mike O'Meally and Glen E Friedman.

Charles Lamb and Eby Ghafarian

Danny Supa and his lady friend.

I Sheik and Isabella Reese

Gang Corp/LES Park locs.

Pep Kim came through and showed love.

CONS Art Director Matt Willigan and TM Lee Burman down for the day from Boston.

Dangerous Dirk Diggs with his scored print from O’Meally and DJ Boogie.

Dan from Skate Brooklyn and Marc Razo over at the Fish.

Ivory Serra, Dave De La Cruz & Shelter Serra.


Spencer Fujimoto, Peter Bici, Harry Antonopoulos, Carla Ullman, RB Umali and Marc Razo out front of the Fish. Peter’s fire engine had pulled up on the block!

Steve Olson, Ivory Serra, Alex Olson and Alex Corporan

Max Fish's Shannon and Lilly.

Wildman and Razo

Australia’s own Benny and Niddy.

Girl posse at the Fish.

Mike Beach and James Stone