Stereo Way Out East Art Show

All photos by Allen Ying

Here in New York City, art openings are as easy to come by as falafel joints and crack addicted lurkers. So when I heard that etnies would be hosting an art show, my first inclination was to mutter to myself sarcastically, “Wow! That’s going to be eventful! But as the specifics of the show surfaced, I learned that this art exhibition would be less like it’s run of the mill predecessors, and more like something that would leave an everlasting mark on the local art/skate scene. The Stereo Show appropriately titled, “Way Out East, featured works from the likes of Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Clint Peterson, Matt Irving, Beth Riesgraf (A.K.A. Mrs. Jason Lee) and Tobin Yelland. Held at the etnies Showroom in downtown Manhattan, everybody from industry heads, to art loving socialites were in attendance at the invite only event. Sightings of Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Matt Irving, Benny Fairfax, Sal Barbier, Felix Arguelles, Craig Metzger, Billy Rohan, Jason Dill and Boy George! Though I didn’t get to offer my up my fondness for The Culture Club to the O.G. androgynous fella, I got to speak with Jason Lee about acting, skating again, and his new goals regarding Stereo Skateboards’ resurgence. Free alcohol, beautiful women and a live DJ added extra flare to hands down the best art show I’ve ever attended. Standouts include Jason Lee’s clean photography, Clint Peterson’s amazing sketches and Chris Pastras’ board graphic art from past to present. Special thanks go out to Craig Metzger and etnies, We Clothing, KC/DC Skateshop and Maestro Instruments, for making “Way Out East, a memorable art and skateboarding alliance.—Jay Riggio