Stereo Skateboards Presents…Now & Then

Stereo Skateboards presented, Now & Then, a multi-channel extravaganza, in Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent Gallery on Saturday November 15, 2003. An exhibition of Stereo memorabilia, drawings by Chris Pastras, and photographs by Jason Lee were on display.

Stereo began in 1992 when skateboarders, Jason Lee and Chris Pastras felt that their pastime of skateboarding, that later turned into their livelihoods, had creatively hit a brick wall. The companies that represented them and the style of the sport had become numb to the original inception of being creative in an urban environment. Out of the carbon-copy era, Stereo was born, fueled by self expression and creativity.
– taken from the artwork of Stereo

I’d say well over a thousand people came out to see the past and present art that Chris and Jason had on display. Much of the “artsie fartsie LA crowd was their, so it was nice to see everyone from the skateboard community show and support one of the best things in skateboarding right now. Eric Koston, Laban Pheidas, Clint Peterson, Miki Vuchovich, Brandon Jacobson and Dave Bergthold helped to keep me sane amongst the glove and scarf wearing cafeteria catholics of sort. All i’m saying is that we’re in warm California, not cold Ohio. I guess “Ice Cold” is cooler than cool. I heard Beck showed, but left when he found out that there was only “One Turn Table And A Microphone.

The walls were covered from top to bottom with decks from past Stereo pros’. It was a walk down memory lane seeing old graphics and ads of Greg Hunt, Ryan Hickey, Mike Daher, Lavar McBride, Paulo Diaz, Matt Rodriguez, Ethan Fowler, Carl Shipman, Puleo, Pastras, and of course Jason Lee. It was a reality check of sorts--meaning that maybe there is a certain lack of creativity missing, and these two individuals can maybe once again fill that void.

So, who are the new pros’ and ams’ on the new Stereo Team you might ask? Maybe Dizzy Gilespi, Benny Goodman, Charlie Parker, and Tommy Dorsey? Well, I’d love to answer that question, but I’m still waiting to get the official word myself. I’m sure everyone will be pleasantly surprised when the word gets out.

talk talk...
I can’t remember, space station, lunar function unknown, bottled explosions, always good for a rumble. Hello, hullo, halo... just checking on you. I’m grounded now.forget it, – chris pastras

If you missed the showing in Los Angeles, you can view, “Now & Then, in San Francisco on November 22. It will be shown at:

Varnish Fine Art
77 Natoma Street
San Francisco, Ca 94105
7 p.m.

$5 dollars at the door
First come first serve
Limited Capacity

To see the new series of Stereo decks available go to

I’d also like add that the opinions expressed in this story do not apply to girls. Scarfs and gloves only ad the beautiful persona of a woman.