I’ve been a “company man” or staff photographer for a skateboard company ever since moving to San Francisco in 1994. I worked for Mad Circle and Girl, then had the opportunity to shoot for DC in the spring of 1999. I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot almost every single ad, poster, catalog, et cetera ever since. Here are a few of my favorite DC ad photos from over the last 14 years.—Mike Blabac | blabacphoto.com

Danny Way, 2003.

Wes Kremer, fakie hardflip, first shoe ad, 2013.

Team shot, 2000.

Chris Cole, Introducing ad, 2010.

Ryan Smith, pro model shoe ad, 2005.

Stevie Williams, first shoe ad, 2000.

Colin McKay, 2001.

Rob Dyrdek, 2001.

Kenny Hughes, 2001.

Stevie Williams, 2001.

Colin McKay, 2008.

Danny Way, 2006.

Danny Way, X Games Congrats ad, 2005.

Josh Kalis, SF/Oakland Bay Bridge, 2012.

Josh Kalis, 2008.

Josh Kalis, 360 flip, 2010.

Josh Kalis, 2002.

Madars Apse, first DC ad, 2013.

Mike Mo, first DC ad, 2012.

Mike Mo, pro model shoe ad, 2013.

Mike Mo, 2012.

Mikey Taylor, first shoe ad, 2012.

Mikey Taylor, 2013.

Nyjah Huston, pro model shoe ad, 2013.

Ryan Smith, 2007.

Ryan Smith, 2005.

Stevie Williams, last shoe ad, 2005.

Team photo proof sheet. Long Beach Tradeshow, 2000.

Tommy Fynn, 2013.

Tom Schaar, first DC ad, 2012.