The Hasselblad XPAN is a 35 mm film camera that produces true panoramic photos on a 24×65 mm negative. Although far from the first photographer to discover this camera, the photos I’ve shot with it over the years remain some of my favorites. Here’s an extended Xpan photo gallery of the Still Life column from our July issue.—Joey Shigeo

Tony Cervantes Mexico City

Tony Cervantes, Mexico City.

Josh Harmony, Shenzhen

Josh Harmony, Shenzhen.

 Slash, Macau

Slash, Macau, China.

Tom Asta, Macau, China

Tom Asta, frontside flip. Macau, China.

Matt Bennett, Berlin

Matt Bennett, pushing with kids in Berlin, Germany.

slash, shenzhen, china

Slash, backside five-0, Shenzhen, China.


Modern filming.

Jamie Thomas, Shenzhen

Jamie Thomas, backside lipslide. Shenzhen, China.

Chris Cole in China

Chris Cole in China.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China.

Tommy Sandoval, Macau, China

Tommy Sandoval, melon grab in Macau, China.

Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, China.

Josh Harmony, frontside five-0, Berlin, Germany

Josh Harmony, frontside five-0 in Berlin, Germany.

Jamie Thomas, five-0, Birmingham, Alabama

Jamie Thomas, five-0 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Josh Harmony, Macau, China

Josh Harmony, Macau, China.

Tommy Sandoval, San Diego.

Tommy Sandoval, five-0. San Diego, California.

Jamie Thomas, backside Smith grind, Melbourne

Jamie Thomas, backside Smith grind in Melbourne, Australia.

Tony Cervantes, melon to fakie in Whittier, California

Tony Cervantes, melon to fakie in Whittier, California