We’re out here in Kansas City for the first stop of the 2012 Street League. We’ve already got photo galleries and videos from yesterday’s practice session up. Today the qualifiers are jumping off at 6 p.m. Kansas City time. For now, check some blog photos from last night’s welcome dinner and party. We’ll be updating this daily. Follow us on Instagram for up-to-the-minute flicks! @transworldskate, @blairlylegal, @sammuller, @barney_zone, @csholland, @kevinduffel.

The Street League contest didn’t start until 6p.m. every day, so we had plenty of time to recuperate and chill during the day. Saturday we explored downtown KC for a bit. Chase Webb and Sam Muller.

And you know we stacked clips for the Barney Cam May edit.

You can hear the sound of the Rockies.

Round about 6:30 p.m., we were back in the Sprint Center for the finals.

Luan was looking good, but didn’t advance to the Big Section. Time to kick back.

A lot of the young fans got their first taste of Bastien, and they loved it!

The gentle touch of a freckled finger…

Rob welcomes the crowd on the jumbotron.

Uh oh, the South American banditos!

Back panel heckling with this dude.

SLS super fans.

You know this went straight to Instagram. Check @rayrayfilms.

Wish Austyn Gillette well. He rolled his ankle during the Chevy best trick contest.

Chase Webb and Daryl Angel bro down at the official afterparty at Mosaic.

“I’m only doing this because that’s what they do in rap videos.” Jimmy Gorecki getting down KC style.

Sam Muller and Erica Yary.

Manny slaying all.

But wait, who is that taking off his Beat LA shirt?

It’s DJ Freckle Fader!

More after-last-call bro’ing. “We toured the world together!”

Manny shut that place down!

Though his taxi cab/iPod DJ skills may be questionable, Jimmy Astleford is alright by us! What up, roat!

KC’s Light & Power district directly across the street from the Sprint Center. Baggos, ping pong, multiple bars and restaurants—you could hang out here all day. Mike Fitz give it the thumbs up.

The lineup to get in on Friday.

Not everyone had on-course access.

RayRay Films.

Sitting next to Ms. Erica Yary.

Fans goin’ bananas with Koston in the foreground.

Mikey Taylor stretching it out.

Jimbodini has an unlimited supply of funny faces.

Cole on the T-shirt cannon.

Sam Muller, all angles covered.

Something gnarly just went down. Check Shane’s face.

P-Rod checks the competition.

Mo’ Money Wiggz.

Judging staff: our buddy Jimmy Gorecki and Scott Pfaff.

Austyn Gillette gave the best interview of the day.

Ben Kelly loads the T-shirt cannon.

Sheckler Till Death.

Phew! Qualifiers are over! Back to the hotel in the shuttle bus.

Austyn already splurged his SLS money on a new whip. He recommends 26-inch rims or bigger.

The course is pretty sick! Lots of flow this time around. We were lucky enough to get a sesh in last night.

The Sprint Center in KC, waiting to get in to shred last night.

The street is blocked off all weekend. McFadden’s hosted the welcome night dinner and party.

Andy Beaumarchais, Mike Fitz, and Ben Kelly.

Lee Dogg was cheering on the beer chugging contest for SL tix.

Dan Abadi, beer pong contender.

Sam Muller and Ben Kelly, psyched and a little worried about the free jumbo brews.

RayRay got Iced.

RayRay and rookie SL skater Ishod Wair.

The Nike dudes might have been having the most fun. Daryl and Scuba.

Billy Marks and Dyrdek talk pong strategy.

Shigeo and ???

Young and innocent Chase Webb with the most popular girl of the night.