Street League 2012 Ontario Finals Video

It was clear the minute Nyjah Huston stepped on the Street League course yesterday here in Ontario, California. The 150,000 dollar first prize would be his. He was doing the most difficult tricks in his run and in the Big Section and making them look way too easy. It wouldn’t be surprising if he swept the entire series this year. That said, there was certainly plenty of ripping from the competition: Tommy Sandoval, P-Rod with those beautiful switch back tails, Sean Malto with finessed overcrooks, Chaz Ortiz landing everything bolts, and Luan’s ninja flick. The Finals video below also has the pros’ Best Trick footage added in (Nyjah won that too--another 15 Gs).

The 24 SLS pros voted for Jimmy Carlin to win the Zumiez 24-7 Award worth 7,000 dollars. After the finals, all the skaters had one more shot to skate in the Chevrolet Overdrive for a chance at 10,000 dollars. Tom Asta ended up with the loot, doing amazing tricks all over the course including a kickflip frontside noseslide down the hubba and a switch frontside heelflip down the big set. Check out the Finals photo gallery.

Video by Cameron Holland