Street League Pro Open: Barcelona Finals Photos

Nyjah Huston won the Barcelona Pro Open today with Paul Rodriguez in second and Evan Smith in third. Nyjah had a couple bails during the finals and it didn’t look like he’d take the top spot, but then he unleashed his 270 kickflip lip and shook the arena. Paul could’ve won with his last chance, he needed a 8.4 and he went for a nollie heelflip crooked grind to nollie heelflip out, but couldn’t put it down. Once again, the teenager with ice water in his veins takes home another SLS trophy, this time from Barcelona, Spain. It’s definitely worth noting Evan Smith’s crowd-favorite performance all day, flying around the course hucking huge kickflip stalefishes, alley-oop 540s, and transfers that got the crowd, and the other pros in the audience, frothing. We’re so stoked he’ll be a part of Street League this year.

Nyjah’s win earned him a Golden Ticket straight into the Super Crown Championship in October. It also put him at the top of the championship points leaderboard, after placing second earlier this year at the Tampa Pro contest. And welcome Evan Smith and Cody McEntire to the League! Tune in on July 11 for the LA stop on the 2015 SLS Nike SB World Tour.

Final results:
1. Nyjah Huston – 34.2
2. Paul Rodriguez – 33.8
3. Evan Smith – 32.4
4. Chaz Ortiz – 32.3
5. Tom Asta – 31.7
6. Manny Santiago – 31.6
7. Shane O’Neil – 30.5
8. Chris Cole – 28.1

Check out yesterday’s Qualifiers Video

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