Stu Graham: Web Exclusive Interview

I feel as if there should be some disclaimer concerning what you are about to read. Stu is very Scottish. When the idea of interviewing him first came about, I wasn’t sure how to go about it. When he talks, I can only understand about half of what he says. Since transcribing an interview would have been quite difficult, I decided to write out the questions and let him write his own answers. What you are about to read are the words of Stu Graham. Good luck.—William Prokop

Name: Stewart Ian Graham

Homeland: Scotland

Sponsors: Osiris shoes, Creature skateboards, Spitfire wheels, Indy trucks, Ezekiel clothing, & Focus skate store in Scotland

What are some of your favorite memories of skating back in Scotland?

Deffenetly skating Livi wit the boys like! So many good times. A mind the first time a saw Livi a was only like 5 or 6! Just stumbled upon this concrete masterpiece. That’s probably the best memories anyone could have a hink. Never forget that day.

What are your favorite spot back home?

There’s really a lot tay skate back there. Livi first definitely, the new Dundee park is pretty rad. Blantyre skatepark, but minus the tree people. Kinna rad going south tay shmingland (England) skate with Tez n Scotty at bones ur burnley bowl, or we could just go get pissed in the pub way Div Adams aka the hick fay the sticks!

Where do you like skating in the states?

Am getting rite intay skating under the bridge at Washington St. Other from that, skating up at the Clairemont YMCA or just lurking doon in OB. Hahaha.

How do you feel about everyone referring you to eating babies?

A think it’s f—king hilarious mate! The first time a think a was kinna stoked. Am a proud dad though, so a guess it’s kinna f—ked up?

Who do you usually skate with?

Av mainly been skating with Peter Hewitt, Sam Hitz, Mr. Partanen. Also find masel shredding with Shuriken Shannon sometimes, which is always a good session! Av saw Shuriken ollie a building before, nay shit!

Any crazy tour stories from being on the road with Creature this summer?

Well what happens on tour stays on tour, but f—k mate we’re going fur it straight off the plain tay Romford skatepark in London, fay there it just got even gnarlier we were drinking booze, f—k a think at one stage in the trip a saw Jon Ponts dancing tay techno tunes!

Wen we got tay Livi finally we were all skating n shit when a young kid appeared on the scene wasted tay f—k with a hammer in his hand looking fur a fight! It was so f—king rad he split but some how the dude he was fighting started some shit with Sam, so a kicked his f—king ass. “Not in ma town a f—king told the wee wanker! Hahaha gid times.

What does your daily routine consist of?

Am a kinna laid back dude so ma day doesn’t really involve that much. Play with ma kid, go skate, chill, watch some shit on TV, listen tay some tunes, constantly haisy though always!

How has life changed since getting married and having a daughter?

Ma whole life has changed mate, but fur the best fur sure like am so stoked on life right now! Finally a hav meaning yay know? Av always wanted tay stay in the USA, and now av got an amazing family tay look after. Everything is f—king banging!

What do you have planned for the future?

Av nay really got any plans yet really, but the summer’s just ended like so nay doubt something will pop up. Really wanna skate that new shit in Shanghai!

Do you want to thank anyone or give shouts out?

Em yeah ad like tay thank Osiris fur everything. Without those guys a wouldn’t even be over here! Ad like tay thank Speed at Ezekiel, Lee at Creature skateboards, Darren at Spitfire, big shout out tay aw the Livi boys back hame, Ben, Leyden, Benson, Skerry, Perry, Sconebag, Andy, Pandy, everyone in Focus skate storev(get it up yays) Cheers tay Blair tay fur the pleasure of typing aw this f—king shit! F—ker hahaahaha.

Cheers f—kers, Stu Graham