Suffer The Joy Premiere

Everyone loves Toy Machine. The riders are always fun to watch, the videos are always visually creative with good music, and everyone loves Ed. So that’s why the premiere last night at Long Beach’s Art Theater was packed with kids desperately trying to get in which eventually got the cops in riot gear called on it. (Check the attached videos to the left! Shit was surreal.)

Inside, however, the premiere went off without a hitch. Everyone came through with rad parts—but that’s as close to spoilers as you’re going to get. Personally, I liked Nick Trapasso the best. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t had any footy out in a long time, but dude is seriously the smoothest thing since Gino.

As we all left the theater, the cops had shut down the street and were in full riot gear. It was so unnecessary it was embarrassing. A big thumbs up to the city of Long Beach. I’m sure a bunch of kids wanting to see a skate video was the most serious thing for the cops to be policing last night.

Afterwards, Johnny Layton had a little after-party at his house. It got pretty crowded, but Johnny remained a calm, gracious host all evening. Check the slideshow for all the pics.—Blair Alley