Sun Diego $4000 Sports Arena Challenge

Billy Marks won the $4,000 Saturday October 30th with a switch frontside bigspin heel down the Sports Arena Double Set Replica. It was a tough call between Bastien Salabanzi and Billy call but our judges Jeff King (Kingrails), Steve Clair( KREW), and Oliver Flores (Deluxe) picked Billy in the end. Bastien landed a backside flip, kickflip shifty and his amazing signature full-cab kickflip down the long double set before ripping his shoe in half and heading home. Billy stayed the remainder and threw down a kick flip and a switch hardflip before making the switch heel frontside bigspin. Other contenders included Andre Genovese with a switch backside flip, and Tony Cervante with a backside 180 airwalk and a heelflip body varial--truly an original skater. Thanks to all the skaters that showed up like Bastien Salabanzi, Rune Gllifberg, Arto Saari, Ryan Sheckler, BillyMarks and Peter Smolik to name a few--Etnies and Flip, and of course all of the kids who showed up to make this a great event all around. See ya next time!

All photos: Tadashi