Take A Walk On The East Side

Skaters on the East Side always do things differently. Sometimes it’s because they want to, but mostly it’s because they have to. The weather is fierce, and skate spots are rough and rare. But this just means you’ve got to search a bit harder and think fast on your feet. It’s a style earned with guts and gravel-not flash and magic. The following pages are dedicated to all those who turned over some old rocks and saw something someone else missed.

Puleo Noseblunt Slide

The undisputed king of the obscure, Bobby Puleo couldn’t care less about titles. All he craves is the discovery of the undiscovered. Years of searching the forgotten nooks and crannies of the greater New York area produced a massive catalog of bizarre terrain. Check the new Static II video for a glimpse into his world-it’s all about making something out of nothing. This noseblunt out in Brooklyn is probably on the “easy” list.

Zered Bassett B/S 180

It’s been tackled before but not by many, and that’s because the launcher at the car wash on the West Side Highway is straight-up gnarly. Zered Bassett is small, but he skates like a man-a backside 180 over this beast is no joke.

Pat Smith Crail & Dan Pensyl lipslide

Dan Pensyl and Pat Smith are always ready under the radar-two skaters who can best be described as blue collar. Working construction, painting houses, and hustling to make ends meet, they share one thing in common-they make it happen anywhere and anytime. Pensyl pops over and out on a quick lipslide while Smith stalls crail-style above his masterpiece deep in the bowels of Brooklyn.

Tino Razo Sweeper

When everything towers above you, sometimes you just gotta break out. At Columbia University, the only thing Tino Razo is learning is how long before the next security guard arrives. Staying loose and light on his feet, this sweeper was slapped down and out in about ten minutes. Don’t scratch them Air Forces, son!