Tampa Am 2008 Day 1

Ah, Thursday night in Tampa. The ams have been working on dialing the course all day while the media and other industry goons are just arriving. As muggy day turns to muggy night, the ams go to bed early with dreams of a contest run so flawless and banger-filled that it will leave Tim O’Connor speechless. Meanwhile, every photographer, writer, team manager, etc. is having a nice dinner on the company card and warming up for the weird Castle goth club experience. And what better way to warm up than with video games and Jager shots at Gameworks? Thanks Jamey Stone! Check the slideshow--not too many pics from Castle. You know why they call it a blackout?

Friday morning. The S.P.O.T. was jumping with an amazing new street course thanks to the folks at Nike SB, there were free tattoos again in the back lot, and new this year, a BBQ truck! All five heats were heavy and it would take way too long to name all the rippers. Dudes who I definitely remember having stand out runs are Filipe Ortiz, Dom Johnson, Willy Akers, Sean Malto, Chris Mendes, and of course there’s always those ripping kids that no one’s ever heard of. Just check the video footage. Not surprising, all these dudes made the cut to Sunday with Davis Torgerson qualifying first and getting the golden ticket straight to the finals. So that’s how the first day went. The weather’s great, we’re heading out for another night of Yboring, and we’ll see ya tomorrow!