The highs, the lows, and everything in between. From the Skatepark of Tampa, to the Bricks, the slums of Ybor City and even over to St. Petersburg—ride along with us on our Tampa Pro 2013 adventure. Follow these dudes for more of that Insta perspective: @blairlylegal, @davidjnook, @lukecallahan, @richard_quintero, @barney_zone, and of course @transworldskate on Insta AND Twitter.

Photos by Blair Alley, David Jurusik, and Luke Callahan

Big winner Luan, Steve Black, and Theotis at the Sunday night afterparty at The Bricks.

This was the shirt DJ Wade was wearing when he fell off a ramp and almost died at Spring Break Yo’ Self in San Diego years ago.

Rad dads Mike Fitz and Oliver Flores.

Theotis knows that bandz will make ’em dance.

Ishod and Nyjah.

Host with the most, Brian Schaefer danced through the floor.

A beer-soaked mosh pit broke out. Austyn may have instigated it.

Nyjah’s shirt got Hulk Hogan’d but he still made requests to DJ Wade.

Shaqueefa founder Scotty Conley had a new batch of Ts. Blair Alley got this exclusive one of one.

South America represent!

The dance floor was getting #turnt!

Ishod is one of the best dudes out! Kills it on and off the board, obviously.

Franchise Boy and Blair throw up the SM.

Chris Troy came up on a rare Shaqueefa too!

a breakdance circle broke out and Sierra Fellers got in the mix.

SPoT’s own Rob Meronek closed out the night with some impressive flares. Thanks dudes! See you next year!

Breakfast at The Bricks with Luke Callahan and Mike Fitz.

Chris Troy gettin’ Weezy’s autograph.

Nailed it!

Saturday night, Big Boi rocked the house at The Ritz.

The Ritz was packed.

Justin Strubing with the SPoT Party Team coozie.

Chany Jeanguenin and Chris Troy at The Ritz.

I spy Erica Yary outside after the Big Boi show got out.

Chicks, giant slices, and Robbie Russo.

Tom Remillard got Big Boi’s autograph right next to Buckwick Bill.

Perpetual Motion stars Walker Ryan and Tom Remillard on the streets of Ybor City.

Ryan Clements and Dan Pensyl.

Mike Carroll and Tom Remillard over at The Bricks.

Chany and Tom at The Bricks.

Ladies love Tom.

Scott Koerner and Walker Ryan.

Richard Quintero and the Miami crew.

Sunday afternoon, back at SPoT, Joey Digital in the Nike tent.

Bird’s eye view from the deck of the vert ramp during the awards.

Luan holding up the prize. Time to go party at The Bricks!

Could it be?! Biebel lost an arm wrestling match?

Fox News on the scene.

Chris Haslam stays hydrated. And that’s Nick Dompierre on the left.

There were plenty of shockers, but we’re not sure what caught Koston’s eye.

Free tattoos out back? I’ll take the Vans logo on my pelvis please!

Tom Remillard napping on the vert ramp.

Darren Navarette goin’ big.

Zered ices his wrist.

Tom Remillard, Jeff Grosso, Mike Fitz, and Chany out back.

Mario Miller and the rest of the Active homies holdin’ it down!

David Jurusik found Wawa!

Luke Callahan having his first Wawa experience.


Thursday night we kicked it off at the illest Peruvian joint in Ybor City, El Puerto. Highly recommended.

Gabe Clement snaps Ybor’s famous 7th Ave for posterity’s sake.

Oliver Flores psyched on his first Girl shirt ever!

Biebs, Erica, and Skiduls.

Gettin’ turnt with Nyjah and Kenny at The Bricks.

Trev Colden was going for it! Nice photo bomb, Brink!

East Coast in tha house! James ‘Buckdaddy’ Buchmann and David Jurusik.

Brink and Walker.

Trevor, you go boy!

Picturesque Ybor City.

Our boy James Buchmann all up in the TM/Industry VIP contest!

Luke Callahan bonelessing his way to 6th place.

Luke lipsliding the A-frame!

Vern Laird hittin’ the judges wallride.

Joey Digital, five-0 to fakie!

Neckface threw up a tag during his run.

Austyn Gillette tries out the coping with a nice five-0.

Sure it’s a butt shot, but it’s a handsome butt shot! AG, back tailslide.

Ishod knows stalefishes.

Here’s what it looks like when Spanish Mike is taking a photo of you with Theotis.

Sean Malto, nollie heelflip.

Brian Anderson doing an impossible bigspin.

Chaz Ortiz, backside flip to flat.

Welcome to SPoT Friday morning! Rob Meronek will check you in.

Over to St. Pete to kick it with the finest, Tommy Zam!

Saint Pete!

A li’l alley chillin’ in downtown St. Pete with Luke, David Jurusik, and Tommy.

David J, cupping it.

A nice night in St. Pete! We highly recommend it!