Tampa Pro 2014 Qualifiers And Best Trick

The lineup of skaters you get to see all in one day at Tampa Pro is unreal. From rookies to legends, it’s an amazing cast. The Tampa Pro 2014 qualifiers and best trick event proved to be no different. You’ve seen the practice session, but does the qualifiers edit sway your prediction of who will take it today? Be sure to check out the live webcast to find out how it all goes down.

Filmed and Edited by Richard Quintero

In order of appearance: Ishod Wair, Nyjah Huston, Brian Anderson, Danny Fuezalida, Stefan Janoski, Daniel Espinoza, Marty Murawski, Ron Allen, Evan Smith, Jake Donelly, Zered Bassett, Trevor Colden, Chaz Ortiz, David Gonzales, Luis Tolentino, Youness Amrani, Shane O’Neill, Chris Cole, Tyrone Olson, Billy Rohan, Fabrizio Santos, Curren Caples, Daryl Angel, Matt Beach, Manny Santiago, Ryan Decenzo, Dan Plunkett, Jimmy Lannon, Italo Ramano, Mark Suciu, Wes Kremer, and Ben Raybourn.

Filmed and Edited by Richard Quintero

In order of appearance: Chris Troy, Lucas Carvalho, Kelvin Hoefler, Alex Carolino, Jordan Hoffart, Rodrigo Leal, Felipe Gustavo, Chaz Ortiz, Nyjah Huston, and Shane O’Neill.

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