Tampa Pro 2009 Coverage Coming All Weekend

Feast your eyes on this video from the Tampa Pro 2008 finals to warm you up for this weekend. What will go down under the SPoT roof in 2009? We’ll soon find out. Check this weekend’s schedule of events and check back here for coverage and results.

FEATURING: Shuriken Shannon, Chad Fernandez, Stefan Janoski, Dennis Busenitz, Eric Koston, Danny Fuenzalida, Kyle Berard, Ryan Sheckler, Matt Beach, Mike Peterson, John Rattray, and Greg Lutzka.


1. Greg Lutzka
2. John Rattray
3. Mike Peterson
4. Matt Beach
5. Ryan Sheckler
6. Kyle Berard
7. Danny Fuenzalida
8. Eric Koston
9. Dennis Busenitz
10. Stefan Janoski
11. Chad Fernandez
12. Shuriken Shannon