Tampa Pro – Saturday

Today’s format was nearly the same as yesterday’s. Four heats, all of which were slightly larger that yesterday’s heats. Taking it from the top slot, we have Chad Bartie taking home the Golden Ticket for the evening. Chris Senn had trademark Senn runs that earned him the runner’s up slot. Caine Gayle took home the 3rd slot. Ed Templeton likes being called “the tempster” and he ripped and sits in the 5th slot. Tony Trujillo nestled into the 6th slot with skating that must be witnessed. INTENSITY level is on afterburner. Brian Anderson got 10th and managed to kickflip wallride over the door gap in the slam wall. Aaron Suski got in the mix in the 18th slot with frontside tailslides down the pyramid rail. Due to the larger number of contestants in Saturday’s battle royal, a few more heads were added to the cut. 42% of the riders made the cut to be more exact. Notably absent are Bam Margera and Daewon Song. Andrew Reynolds is here but chose not to skate.

The vert finals raged on in the afternoon. Jake Brown is rapidly becoming one of my favorites to watch skate vert. Bob Burnquist has gotten 2nd in the last 5 Tampa contests. This year he broke the record by getting third. Bucky’s first run secured him in second. Sure, he could have won, but Rune Glifberg had a better run, or so the judges thought.

The product tosses heated up after the vert winded down. Kids were gladly hopping in the infamous moat on the easement in front of the park. The kids that got the slimiest, tended to walk away with the most gear. Street contestants remained practicing their lines. Gradually most all wandered to Ybor City to investigate the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Wild times await.

1. Rune Glifberg
2. Bucky Lasek
3. Bob Burnquist
4. Sandro Dias
5. Neal Hendrix
6. Lincoln Ueda
7. Mike Frazier
8. Jesse Fritsch
9. Jake Brown
10. Buster Halterman
11. Brian Howard
12. Jay Steveson