Did Richie single-handedly resurrect the 70s band Consortium with his musical choices in And Now? In part two, find out why Richie can never listen to a song once he’s used it in a video part. Patrick Melcher chimes in on he and Richie’s shared part in Ordinary Madness and the challenges with choreographing a video part to a duet. Little known fact: Richie suggested the Kula Shaker Bob Dylan cover for Sean Malto’s part in And Now, too. Click on over to page 2 to check out Richie's video parts he discussed.
Video by Parker Siglin and Chris Patterson.
Photo by Blair Alley

Tapedeck presented by SOL REPUBLIC Part 1

David Gravette, And Now

Richie Jackson, And Now

Richie Jackson and Patrick Melcher, Ordinary Madness