Ten Top 5 Marc Johnson

Ten Top 5 Marc Johnson
Pro skaters list their all-time favorites.

Skateboarders Of All Time
1. OG Blind crew-and Tim and Henry.
2. enjoi team how it is now.
3. OG Stereo team.
4. Girl and Chocolate families.
5. Anti-Hero Mafia, Alan Petersen, Max Schaff, Salman Agah, John Old, Tiltmode Army. Bitch, don’t act dumb …
Skaters 2002
1. All them old-ass veteran dogs from 1999.
2. enjoi “separatist movement.”
3. 2002 is depressing.
4. Tranny dogs.
5. I hope you knock your teeth out.
Skate Videos
1. Blind’s Video Days.
2. Snuff.
3. Virtual Reality.
4. Tiltmode’s ManDown.
5. Video magazines can take a dump.
Video Parts
1. Didn’t I answer this five times before?
2. None of mine.
3. Everyone in the “Skate Videos Top Five.”
4. None of yours.
5. Stop making videos.
1. Anything you hate.
2. Who cares what I listen to?
3. Get your own taste in music.
4. Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits.
5. Punk Rock Revival, Songs To Come-Up To.
1. Any David Lynch film.
2. The Simple Life Of Noah Dearborn.
3. Family Viewing by Atom Egoyan.
4. Heavy Metal Parking Lot.
5. Five Easy Pieces.
1. Any Bukowski or Roald Dahl.
2. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.
3. Tao Te Ching.
4. NIV Holy Bible.
5. Like you read anyway. All you do is count steps.
Fancy Dress Outfits
1. Anything that’ll get me a part in a movie.
2. My new punk-rock outfit.
3. Yes, I’m drunk.
4. Swishy pants with a windbreaker and crooked hat.
5. F-k fancy dress.
Things You Can’t Live Without
1. Magazine coverage like this.
2. You know who you are.
3. Food.
4. Water.
5. Work.
Things You Could Live Without
1. Myself.
2. 86 board companies’ ads.
3. 25 shoe companies’ ads.
4. Everyone else’s ads.
5. The stress that comes with being part of all of the above.