The Active/eS $5,000 Best Trick Contest

ES and Active combined forces on November 1st and 2nd at the Longbeach Convention Center for their first Annual Active/eS Best Trick contest. The $5000 dollar prize money brought out some of the top. From the Flip team you had Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny, Bastien Salabanzi, Mark Appleyard, and I heard PJ Ladd was there, but I didn’t see him skating. From Girl Skateboards you had Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, and Jereme Rogers. Other top hitters included Jon Allie, Leo Romero, Spanky, and Neal Mims.

The contest was a one-hour jam! Yeah, A one hour jam. Neal Mims and I both looked at each other thinking one hour was a hell of a long time. The centerpiece included a rail, multiple ledges, and a manual pad thing. There were quarter pipes and wedge ramps on either side, which seemed to give everyone enough speed. Well, everyone except Neal. He needed to push off the deck (through everyone) and roll in. It was the only way to get enough speed for the gap ollie to Smith grind that he pulled. He didn’t win though, too bad.

Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Jereme Rogers, Tom Penny, and Kevin Long all skated, but not really for the best trick contest. They were on the outskirts of the event skating benches, picnic tables, and other fun stuff that was set up for everyone. I guess some kid asked Koston to do the pizza? I didn’t know it at the time, but it’s a trick from Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Eric proceeded to pick up his board and spin it on his finger as though he was making a pizza. I missed it, but it sounded entertaining. A nice move, but it didn’t win him the best trick, too bad.

Leo Romero flipped in and out of sight landing an arsenal of tricks that included a kickflip front feeble, heelflip front noseslide, kickflip salad grind, and many more flip to grinds or slides. I noticed that Leo doesn’t get too distracted when he skates. Sometimes five people dropped in at once and it didn’t faze Leo at all. He’d go for it no matter what and if someone did get in his way he’d just smile. Its too bad smiles and politeness don’t win best trick contests; otherwise Leo might have taken it.

Damn! I missed one of the best tricks of the contest. Jon Allie landed a perfect kickflip frontside noseblunt slide. I decided to try to get a photo, and it turned it out that it was the one that he pulled. It’s weird how that works sometimes. I had everything else on film, but the one trick I filmed every time (except the one he landed) eluded me, sorry I missed it Jon. I got the kickflip back lipslide, the kickflip front tail, and kickflip backtail. I thought he had a shot at first place, but he didn’t win either. He got second place and $1000 dollars, too bad.

Geoff Rowley and Appleyard had some good flow going on. Styling back and forth across the centerpiece pulling some smooth moves. They didn’t win either, but their teammate Bastien Salabanzi did. Taking it once again to another level, Bastien landed a switch 270 lipslide, a bigspin flip to frontside boardslide, and a caballerial flip to frontboard? Check out the video link below and watch how solid he landed all three tricks. It’s impressive. It’s too bad he only won $4000 dollars for 30 minutes worth of work. I think that averages out to almost $134 dollars a minute. Damn, I think that one-minute is more than I make in a day.