The Blind What If? Premiere

So if the Blind video is premiering at 10pm in Santa Ana, for sure we have to leave TransWorld’s offices in Oceanside no later than 11am if we’re going to get a full day of skating in on the way up there. At least that’s the logic Jamey Stone and I had. Of course we billed it as “visiting accounts,” I love that one. By “visiting accounts” I mean we stopped by Mada, hollered at Vinnie and Raul and got some free gear. Then stopped by Black Label to skate their mini-ramp and listened to Black Tom crack us up with his shit talking. Then we hit the famous Burger Banks just before sundown for an epic session.

Since the accounts were taken care of, it was time to take care of a twelver and head to the Galaxy. We ran into Boosh who was in charge of throwing product out of the Dwindle ice cream truck to the hundreds of kids in the parking lot. Apparently he needed a bottle of vodka to get over his stage fright of yelling insults at kids through a megaphone. A true wordsmith, that one.

Getting inside the Galaxy was tricky. The briliant security staff started letting in only VIPs first, and very slowly at that. Well, all the kids who weren’t VIP started throwing water, beers, and even a trash can at the door. So then security closed all doors and completely stopped all entrants. I thought another Zero premiere debacle was about to happen, but finally security realized the smartest thing to do would be to let everyone in as quickly as possible. Once inside, we headed straight to the upstairs VIP bar that we didn’t desert for the rest of the evening. Jimmy Astleford, Dave Duncan and the Daggers had a nice balcony room that overlooked the theater. The party was definitely in that room while the room next door to us was a little tamer what with Christian Hosoi, his wife, and Stephen Baldwin being all non-alcoholic.

Oh yeah, the video. It’s really good. Everyone has solid parts, and the team is really diverse. Jake Brown was my favorite and seemed to get the most cheers from the crowd. And I bootlegged a clip of him back when I saw the video in Australia, so check that out.

When we left the theater, there were tons of cop cars ready for a riot and a ghetto bird overhead complete with a spot light on the parking lot. I didn’t stick around for the after party, but Boosh said some Hellrose dude laid some guy out with one punch for talking shit. That sounds cool.

Sure I didn’t shoot nearly as many photos as I should have, but when’s the last time you got Dave Duncan, Eddie Reategui, and Christian Hosoi in the same photo? That’s what I thought.