6-19-03 Hollywood, CA

After three years of talking the talk, DC Shoes finally walked the walk and premiered their first ever video. The historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, located in Hollywood, was where everyone would witness one of the most anticipated and much talked about videos of the year.

The DC team : Danny Way, Rob Dyrdek, Stevie Williams, Josh Kalis, Anthony Van Engelen, Colin McKay, Brian Wenning, Ryan Gallant, Ryan Smith, Lindsey Robertson, Robbie McKinley, and Greg Myers. Need I say more?

With over 1000 VIP passes already given out, DC knew everyone on this list wasn’t going to get in, so at the last minute another showing at 10:00 p.m. had to be added. Damn good idea too! The line went on forever and it didn’t seem to be moving at all. And, as we somehow snuck by everyone I heard many people trying to talk their way through security, pleading their cases as if it were a life or death trial.

The red carpet was down and I overheard that DC alone had seven limos on the way. The DC team, Blink 182, Lincoln Park, and a cast of everyone else that DC sponsors arrived to a red walkway full of fans, photographers, beautiful girls, and videographers. After an hour of interviews and photographs everyone made their inside and the 3 year in the making video began.

Anthony Van Engelen started the video off proper! A full part of just beautiful creative skating. From his switch skills, to ledgework, and even some pool footage, AVE kept it rollin the whole time making it look fun, just how it should be.

Stevie Williams part was a crowd favorite, and his skating didn’t let up at all as it was all classic Stevie. I mean, he does some of the gnarliest combo tech tricks on some of the highest ledges — and it was unthinkable to see what he flipped in to and would manual out of. I think it was the Cherry Park stage where he pulled a switch heelflip to switch nose manual. Actually it doesn’t matter where it was, he pulled it and it was so damn high! His part was just full of these ridiculous combos that would even impress Daewon. Word to Stevie!

Big Black had one of the best video parts. If you don’t know him, he is Rob Dyrdek’s personal bodyguard. If Rob is having a problem with breaking boards, singing autographs, arguing with security, or trespassing in to skate spots, Big Black is there to make sure Rob gets it all done. Dyrdek’s part was just pure comedy and it was so refreshing to see Rob have a full part of all street skating again. It was well worth the wait too, as Rob showed us once again why he is able to afford all those diamonds. He takes care of business when he needs to and the DC video showcases this.

I’d like to thank whomever it was that chose Pegboy’s, Strong Reaction, as the music choice for the am section. This part included young Greg Myers who just rips, Ryan Gallant and everyone else who didn’t have 3 years time to film a part. I was psyched that Lindsey Robertson had as much footage as he did after pulling a full video part earlier this year and having wrecked his knee as well. I hope technology pulls through for us as we get older, or we’ll all still be rolling when we’re 60, in wheelchairs that is.

Danny Way had by far the most anticipated part of the video. I knew we were all in for some history in the making here as he’d been spending much of his time at the Point X skate camp where his personal launch ramp is set up. No one could have ever foreseen what Danny actually landed! I knew he had 360’s dialed in but then he started doing 540’s, which meant he was landing fakie. What the F was really going on? Next he was rolling in switch and doing more 540 variations. Could he top that you may ask? Of course, he’s Danny Way. Let’s just say he went further than a 540 and the camera angles are just amazing, some of the best I’ve seen to date! A helicopter was brought in and I caan remember watching from 4 different angles. The highlight for me was watching the frontside, almost inverted, 360 heelflip he flawlessly pulled?! Oh yeah, I might add that the world record for longest jump and highest air were broken consecutively too! What else can a video part offer? Maybe a rodeo flip in the Vista Square pool from deep end to shallow. More amazing D Way sessions at the DC ramp. And Danny sacrificed his body even more and pulled through with some street footage, which included a classic 360 ollie down a large famous set of stairs! I don’t think this video part can be topped. Seriously! I mean, there is maybe only one person out there that could even come close. Me! And I’m on my way to Point X tomorrow to land a 900 — I’ve been practicing all week on Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Sturt’s taking the photo too!


Josh Kalis, Colin McKay, and Brian Wenning parts were all off the charts as well. You’ll just have to wait for the video – which is scheduled for a July 19th release. However, If you’re lucky enough and are strategically/geographically located, you may be able to catch another video premiere. More DC premiere dates are listed below.

I’ll end this with a quote from the DC teaser. ” Tricks evolve, spots change, trends fade, but skateboarding is forever.”


6/17/2003 – North America

Los Angeles — Thursday, June 19, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

San Francisco — Saturday, June 21, Bimbo’s 365 Club

Vancouver, BC — Tuesday, June 24, The Vogue

Chicago — Thursday, June 26, Park West

New York City — Friday, June 27, Roseland Ballroom


London — Tuesday, July 1, Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

Barcelona — Thursday, July 3, Base Nautica

Biarritz — Sunday, July 6, Le Colisee

Zurich — Tuesday, July 8, Kaufleuten Theater

Frankfurt — Thursday, July 10, IMAX Cinema

Moscow —Saturday, July 12, Skatepark Adrenalin

Tokyo — Tuesday, July 15, Club Harlem, Shibuya

Sydney — Thursday, July 17, Tank Club