The Dreaded Ones

The Dreaded Ones

Throughout the last half of the 1980s, the “dread head” was all the rage in the skateboarding world. Pretty much the whole Alva team rocked the locks (with the exception of Bill Danforth), and spread the look wordwide.-D.S.

Always on the forefront of the hottest trends, Gator sported dreads in 1985. Indy air at Pete Finlan’s ramp in Vista, California. Photo: Brittain

Jef Hartsel was one of the first skateboarders who actually adopted the Rastafarian lifestyle (which he still follows to this day). Frontside air at the Flower Street ditch in Orange County, California, 1988. Photo: Ophoto

Big Tex Craig Johnson’s dreads were neary as huge as him. He even cut a hole in the top of his helmet for effect. Layback rollout in Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1985. Photo: Brittain

Steve Steadham’s favorite bands were Rush and Bad Brains-he chose the look of the latter when it came to hairstyle. Frontside invert in Sacramento, Calfornia, 1986. Photo: Brittain