The F—king Champs, VI

The F—king Champs
Drag City

Heard the new Champs album yet? No? Well, you should because it f—king rips! The band’s sixth studio album, VI (duh), marks the debut of Phil Manley—the mastermind behind such notable bands as Trans Am, Golden, The Trans Champs, and The F—king Am. In keeping with tradition of past albums, VI retains the band’s signature blend of instrumental and technical metal. You’ll be so caught up in the band’s sound, you won’t even miss the vocals. Despite the obvious influences of classic bands like Rush, Iron Maiden, and old Metallica, The F—king Champs stay true to its original sound of head-banging metal, which is a f—king good thing. The Led Zeppelin-esque track “Dolores Park is downright beautiful—its acoustic guitar work and overlaying cello and violin melodies permeate the entire song, leaving you in a state of musical bliss.—Aaron Schmidt