The First Annual Exit Skate Classic

Words and photos by Jake Hauswirth

The first annual, Exit Skate Classic was a success—especially for the legendary Tay Hunt, who made off with two first places and a respectable 500 bucks! Hunt made the kill in slalom and in the speed bomb. Although there was some close competition of all ages in both the slalom and the speed bomb, Tay was clearly the fastest man on the hill Saturday.

Aaron Burks greased in behind Tay Hunt to earn himself second place in the speed bomb. Local young gun, Andy Clemetson was hot on the heels of them both when he wiped out after dropping in for his final run. The speed bomb proved to be a good common ground for skaters of any era to go head to head.

Long time Exit team rider, Dave Hupp took first place and earned 22 cents per foot on his 1,132 foot long manual ($250). There were six judges spanning the length of the hill verifying each manual’s legitimacy—no tail drags or touch downs. The judge at the bottom of the hill stated that Hupp would have gone even further if it weren’t for a gust of headwind at the bottom. Runners up were held back potentially by their inadequacy in speed, but mostly because Hupp is a seasoned and smooth master of the skateboard. Jeff Hickok had the third longest manual of the day (Dave Hupp had the two longest ones), but Jeff tailed out in the final round.

An unsuspecting Noah Baxter topped out the high ollie competition with a 37-inch fast stomper. Noah beat out Exit team member, Scott Inman who had cleared 38 inches over the bar earlier that day in practice.

Josh Burt and Chase Bailey were the only two competitors to run all four events. Both held there own in everything and had smiles on there faces all day. Way to go guys—how about some girls in the line up next year? And maybe some barell jumping?

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to and attended the first annual Exit Skate Classic: Pete Ingraham, Pat Chewning, Rob Morrow, John Stryker, Sara Pigsley, Bobby Potterf, Jason Lilly, Dave Mitchell, Mike Gaudern, Bruce Bolton, Melinda Mokalla, Tim Roth, Straight From New York Pizza, Salem Parks and Recreation and Exit staff. The event went well for a first time with just under 40 competitors and all of the companies that donated prizes, including, Volcom, Nike, IPath, Gravis, Anon, Globe, Girl, Chocolate, RVCA, Emerica.


1st–Tay Hunt 25.02″
2nd–Dan Hughes 25.31″
3rd–John Stryker 27.04″


1st–Tay Hunt 17.765″
2nd–Aaron Burks 17.42″
3rd–Andy Clemetson 17.9″


1st–Dave Hupp, 1,132 feet.
2nd–Jamie Bruce, 950 feet.
3rd–Mike Bauersfield, 790


1st–Noah Baxter, 37.5 inches
2nd–Scott Inman, 37 inches
3rd–Josh Beaudry, 36.5 inches