The Goat & The Occasional Others, The Goat Speaks: Volume 1

The Goat & The Occasional Others
The Goat Speaks: Volume 1
No Label
** (2.5/5.0)

All-star lineup, really: Reynolds, Spanky, Herman, Shane Heyl, and Beagle the filmer. If The Goat were a video, it’d be all bangers. I’d even watch it on the Interweb or something. But as it is (and please, Baker guys, don’t hate me forever), this is a vanity project. It’s, you know, for fun. Kind of like Greco’s ill-conceived musical forays and Muska’s DJ “career, only The Goat seems like actual, genuine fun. It’s good to not take yourself too seriously all the time.

The nearest musical comparison I can make is Silver Jews, except for the fact that David Berman is a goddamned genius. The Goat is decidedly lo-fi bluesy guitar fare, complete with standard vocal drawl and virtually non-existent production. I half expected songs about famous rails, but dudes seem to be taking a page from the book of barstool lurking and street corner escapades, which is infinitely preferable if not altogether original.

So even if it ain’t Silver Jews or Bill Callahan or even really all that good, f—k it, it’s fun. I bet if The Goat puts up a MySpace page, they’ll have 50,000 friends in no time. Maybe Tom will make them a featured artist or something like that. Then they’ll all be famous.—Andreas Trolf