The Icarus Line, Black Lives At The Golden Coast

The Icarus Line
Black Lives At The Golden Coast
Dim Mak

While I cannot speak for the rest of Los Angeles, I’ll say The Icarus Line has always been a conundrum to me. Are they hometown heroes or Hollywood zeroes? Is it all a lot of hype, sweat, blood, and pointlessly bad behavior? Or is it art punk, classic rock, and genuine hard work? The new album attempts to clarify a few of these nagging questions--thank gosh!

If the press bio is to be believed, this is a work of “brutal rhythmic force and muscular, distortion-fueled guitar attacks. And, according to frontman Joe Cardamone, “Black Lives is dedicated to our circle of friends--it’s a document of this dark era that we’ve all been living through for the last couple of years. So there you go. If you wanna hear about a lot of pointlessly bad behavior set to a “roar of squalling noise then--by all means--go out and get this album. Otherwise, they still can’t make up their minds whether they wanna be The Stooges or The Cure.--Arlie Carstens