The Nominees: Best Team

With the TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards presented by New Era popping off this Wednesday, we compiled a closer look at the nominees' 2012 year to give you some insight on why they got the nod from the TransWorld staff. Read on.

Best Team Nominee: Chocolate

Vincent Alvarez, lipslide. Photo: MULLER

It’s pretty obvious that Pretty Sweet had a lot to do with the Chocolate team’s nod: Vincent Alvarez’ awesome first part to MJ’s epic Bowie-fueled part—and don’t forget the Trunk Boyz. The Chocolate team was all over the place in 2012, shredding spots from the Back Panel across the globe.

The Trunk Boyz starring in The 2 Bears video also helped Chocolate’s cause.

Best Team Nominee: DGK

The DGK team. Photo: BARTON

There’s no team out there like DGK. Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis have steadily stacked its roster with the rawest skaters straight from the streets and have sparked off a worldwide fanbase for everything they do. The whole team was killing it all year and ended with an exclamation point when they dropped Parental Advisory in December—which is also nominated for Best Video.

Best Team Nominee: Element

The Element team.

With the addition of veteran Mark Appleyard, to Nyjah crushing huge rails and winning contests, to an incredible am squad as showcased in Future Nature, Element proved it has one of the most talented squads out there. 2012 had its crew discovering skate spots around the world and bringing us back the photos and footage of a young, hungry, and healthy team.