The Nominees: Best Video Part

With the TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards presented by New Era going down tonight, we compiled a closer look at the nominees' 2012 year to give you some insight on why they got the nod from the TransWorld staff. Read on.

Best Video Part Nominee: Austyn Gillette, Austyn Unlimited

Austyn Gillette, fakie ollie. Photo: CHAMI

Austyn’s superpower meter reached full capacity in 2012, and after his Pro Spotlight in our August issue, his Unlimited video part combined his speed, pop, style, and out-the-hard-way trick selection into a juggernaut part. Truly a leader of the new school.

Best Video Part Nominee: Marc Johnson, Pretty Sweet

Marc Johnson. Photo: MULLER

Five years after his three-song ender in Fully Flared, MJ came back with perhaps his best video part ever, edited sublimely to a single David Bowie song. All the trademarks were there: speed, inimitable style, and NBDs for days.

Catch some of that MJ magic in this edit with Biebel and Guy.

Best Video Part Nominee: Guy Mariano, Pretty Sweet

Guy Mariano. Photo: MULLER

Rumors run rampant in 2012 that Guy Mariano was once again on a warpath for his Pretty Sweet video part, and might be locking down the last part. Clocking in in his mid-30s, with a masochistic work ethic to get tricks, Guy shattered all expectations, and when he touched down on the switch 360 flip nosegrind, the standing ovations were heard around the world.

Just like in Pretty Sweet, Guy gets down with longtime pal Eric Koston in the Girl park.