The Nominees: Best Video

2012 proved that the full-length video isn’t going anywhere. Anticipation was high for all of these titles, the premieres were full to capacity, and sales on DVD and iTunes succeeded expectations. Here’s to the good old-fashioned skate video:

Best Video Nominee: Parental Advisory

Jack Curtin, kickflip crooked grind. Photo: CHAMI

DGK put out it’s first full-length video in the brand’s history, and everyone came through with full parts. Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams, Marcus McBride, and Lenny Rivas showed that the vets are still holding it down, while DGK’s fully-loaded am squad filled out the video to a hip hop soundtrack to die for.

Best Video Nominee: Pretty Sweet

Elijah Berle and Eric Koston double up with assists from Guy Mariano and Marc Johnson. Photo: MULLER

Pretty Sweet was the first full-length Girl/Chocolate opus since 2003’s Yeah Right!, so you know they pulled out all the stops. The massive roster of the two teams joined superpowers with Ty Evans (his last video with the Crail Camp), Feds, and Meza to capture shredding around the world on steady cams, state of the art super slo-mo cameras, and more. The emergence of the Trunk Boyz, cameos from Will Arnette and Jack Black, and you’ve got a Best Video contender.

Best Video Nominee: The Cinematographer Project

Jurgen Horrwarth, stalefish. Photo: DANIEL WAGNER as seen in Torsten Frank’s section.

Jon Holland made magic happen last year when he produced a sequel to Cinematographer, TransWorld‘s heralded video from 1997. Jon got 13 of the best filmers in the game and created a 60 minute masterpiece showcasing the best talent in skateboard filmmaking. Bill Strobeck, the Alien Workshop, Torsten Frank, Russel Houghten, and more—The Cinematographer Project became one of the best selling TransWorld videos of all time.


The winners will be announced February 27, 2013 in Hollywood, California. Follow us @transworldskate on Twitter/Instagram for up-to-the-minute news and photos.