The Notwist, The Devil, You + Me

The Notwist
The Devil, You + Me

The Notwist hails originally from Weilheim, near Munich in northern Germany. This is a wet, dark, very cold land of sausage-munching, bier stube guzzling, BMW-driving Bavarians. Bands tend to come in one of two modes, A) Traditional Bavarian folk music, or B) Metal. The Notwist started out almost twenty years ago as a hardcore metal band then transitioned into mid-90s indie rockers (akin to Sebadoh and other slacker punks) before reinventing themselves for the 21st century as a sensitive, deeply intelligent, cinematic electronic indie pop act. They’ve only gotten better with each release. Why? Because their evolution is a testament to following your creative heart wherever it may lead, rather than sticking to one thing you know well and flogging it into irrelevancy. When it comes to music, we all know quick-change blows. However, changing by gradations over the long haul expresses a love of music, and more importantly a love of life.—Arlie Carstens [ED. NOTE: It’s also merely a coincidence that Arlie and Andreas both referenced Sebadoh this month.]