"Dude, guys, there's this super chill pizza spot I know of down the street here, so you can get slices of pizza and salad, too." Jack Olson then got up from the table and left. Lannie Rhoades and I looked at each other in complete and total awe. "So he's explaining a fucking Pizza Hut or any other pizza place in the world, right?" said the uncle Lan-man. "I am confused right now… So what's the situation? A total chill pizza spot that sells slices of pizza and maybe salad? What the hell?" said thy. This was one of many quotes to be heard on this C1RCA trip that descended upon the land of Texas. Jack won the gold medal, but Jason Hainault won the silver for saying, "Oh shit, Mike-man just ate some chowder," directed toward Lan-man while Mikey Gould, our photographer, fell horrifically with all his camera gear. On a side note, the skating I had witnessed was amazing: Windsor James came in hot with all sorts of maneuvers on any terrain that was in front of him; Taylor Kirby and Jack, being the little young turd burglars, tried tricks that were five times greater than anything I had to give at a spot; Robbie dominated more points on handrails than a holographic Charizard Pokemon card; Chris Gregson put his wizardly talent on getting a trick at every spot and filming a trick at every spot without any blood to be shown; and Blue Turner showed smooth sailing on his wooden plank with glorious class and spunk. There were so many insane tricks that went down, and the trip was an awesome time. It was also rad to have Mikey on the trip taking photos. He's a buddy of mine from San Diego, and this was his first skate trip. He, along with the younger guys on the team, had meltdowns at the fact that where we were didn't accept horizontal identification cards at the bars. That was funny for me to see him and Kirby, who are fresh 21-year-olds now, being told that it didn't matter because of the format of their IDs. To top off the fun, some awesome movies were playing in our hotel rooms throughout the trip. Back-to-back-to-back nights it went from Jurassic Park, Dumb and Dumber, and then to Brink!—I couldn't have been happier with that trifecta. Really wish I got to try Jack's super chill pizza spot that sells slices of pizza and salad, too. I'm kind of sad about that.—Jimmy Carlin
Captions By Jason Hainault
Photos By Mikey Gould


Young Jack Olson will have one slice of pizza, one salad, and a lofty backside flip at what is now El Paso's most infamous spot. Also make no mistake, you will spend half your day pushing to this thing! (*Click photo to enlarge)


With a run-up as wide as your board and kids running wild, this spot was no easy task, fortunately Chris Gregson made quick work out of this fakie stalefish. (*Click photo to enlarge)


On our way to Houston, we had the pleasure of hitting up Albuquerque. Aside from Squints breaking off a tailslide on this thing, nothing had been done to our knowledge, so Taylor Kirby got in the mix with this straight-to-business backside five-0. (*Click photo to enlarge)


From the time that Robbie Brockel pulled his board out of the van, not 10 minutes elapsed until we saw what was arguably the most proper frontside bluntslide to fakie done to date.  (*Click photo to enlarge)


Those of you who have seen Blue Turner skate in enjoi's new video, oververt, or in person can attest to his prowess on a skateboard, and there is no doubt that he is carrying the torch for all amazing skaters coming from Sacramento. Kickflip to the bank. (*Click photo to enlarge)


One of Colorado's most beloved native sons, Windsor James was on an absolute killing spree on this trip. This frontside half Cab was just one of the casualties. (*Click photo to enlarge)

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