Last night at Element‘s The Branch office/space in Costa Mesa, it hosted an art show for Element Advocate and veteran artist Todd Francis. Todd’s art has been gracing the decks of brands like Antihero, Stereo, New Deal, and of course Element for over 20 years. His original pieces using ink, charcoal, watercolor, and mixed media were beyond impressive to see in person. His new book, prints, and decks were up for sale—we highly recommend getting the book, some of the best skate graphics (and the Santa Vs. The Elves Christmas cards!) ever. Pizzanista, a mini ramp jam, and free drinks complemented the night!

Getting the evening started with some mini ramping.

Outside, warm ups with Marc Falkenstien and Cole Matthews.

Pizzanista in the Element garden.

Wall down memory lane: Some of Todd Francis’ masterpieces.

The new Natural Dejection series Todd did for Element.

Todd’s pigeons were prominent throughout the show. This one was a favorite.

The large polar bear piece was another favorite.

When nature attacks series.

Another from the series.

The photo seamless wall and the Jones family.

Tim Tim and Matt Ward stoked on the book.

The man of the evening. Mr. Todd Francis.

Ashton Maxfield and Christian Senrud.

David Reyes and Nick Trapasso point to their favorite pigeons.

Todd signing his books and decks.

Even a custom piece in the shitter! Amazing!

Todd’s Special Crud T-shirt line

Pick up a copy of Look Away

Photos / BLAIR