Sunday October 3, Pinz Bowling Alley in Studio City was transformed into a circus for skatepark supporting friends and their families. All proceeds went to the Tony Hawk Foundation. Visit for more information.

Tome Green and David Spade cruised around inside the bowling alley and outside in the parking lot-turned-carnival and were more than happy to pose for photos and sign autographs.

Blink-182 played a set to close out the night

Travis was on crutches and had his leg wrapped but still played the hell out of the drums.

There was a vert demo in the afternoon with Tony Hawk, Shaun White, Bob Burnquist, Andy MacDonald, Lincoln Ueda, and Matt Hoffman. Jason Ellis and Sal Masekela took care of the comedy. Ellis called White the Flying Tomato at one point.

Christian Hosoi was chilling with his wife and son.

Pam Anderson was cruising around all day and stopped to pose with one of Tony’s sons. That kid doesn’t know how lucky he is.

Benicio Del Toro, or BDT as his autograph states, hung out and rapped out with anyone who approached him. He had a doodled-on skateboard up for grabs in the silent auction.

The chocolate fountain was a popular booth to stop at. Strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows, and rice crispy squares were ready to be skewered and dipped. Chris Ortiz is claiming he’s going to get one for his house.

Jeff Taylor sweating in the Valley heat giving out free Adio and Hawk Shoes. For $500 per person, they got their money’s worth.

Ryan Sheckler handled the press and fan mobbings like a veteran. Teammate Rodney Mullen was a little more camera shy.

Special shout out to Miki Vuckovich for inviting us!