1. “My God Is Real” and “When The Man Comes Around By”
Johnny Cash.
2. “I Saw The Light” by Hank Williams.
3. “Agnus Dei” by Michael W. Smith.
4. “Marvelous Light” by Charlie Hall.
5. “Roll With Me” by Call To Glory.

1. Plan B Questionable.
2. BA in the Girl vid.
3. Mariano footage.
4. Alex Olson footage.
5. Julian Wilson in Young Guns 3.

1. The Passion Of The Christ.
2. Frisbee: The Life And Death Of A Hippie Preacher.
3. The Privileged Planet.
4. Unlocking The Mystery Of Life.
5. The Ten Commandments With Charlton Heston.

Best Things About Being A Dad:
1. Knowing just how much God must love us.
2. Being humbled and seeing more to life than just me.
3. Getting to share amazing things with my children.
4. Getting to face challenges that refine who I am.
5. Getting to skate, surf, and play music with my kids.

1. Police Bank in Liverpool, R.I.P.
2. Any marble floor.
3. Barcelona.
4. Lyles pool has been awesome lately.
5. Hurley park, late night.

Guilty Pleasures:
1. Dr. Pepper.
2. Too much candy, every day.
3. Inviting in the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses.
4. Wanting to share with everyone how amazing life can be.
5. Wanting to get back to what was lost those few hectic years. I need to get to all those places I couldn’t go while stuck in the U.S.

American Skaters:
1. Alex Olson, because his skating is refreshing.
2. Mariano, because you know exactly why.
3. Gonz, for being original consistently.
4. Goemann, for … see flatground pop.
5. Everyone who holds true and doesn’t fall into the lie.

British Skaters:
1. Geoff, he was the hometown hero and helped me a lot.
2. Tom Penny, circa sessioning Cowley Road and ripping Radlands. Kids missed out, go to YouTube!
3. Howard Cooke for ripping Liscard and having out of control under control.
4. Luke McKirdy for having it and doing it his way.
5. Whole Liverpool and U.K. crew mid 90s who made skating amazing.

Ultimate Fighters:
1. BJ Penn for talent.
2. Cro Cop for LHK.
3. Randy Couture for defying the odds again and again.
4. Fedor, if he starts fighting again.
5. Roger Huerta.

Mottos To Live By:
1. Love one another as He loved us.
2. A house divided against itself won’t stand.
3. Fools despise wisdom.
4. A gentle answer turns away wrath.
5. Tomorrow is not promised.

1. Jesus Christ.
2. Sanctuary HB body.
3. Paul Washer.
4. Ravi Zacharias.
5. John Hagee.

1. Ankles flexed.
2. Broken ribs.
3. Broken knuckles.
4. Bad back, which surfing helped.
5. Need a filling?

Quickest Ways To Win A Fight:
1. Run away.
2. If a person were attacking you and you had to defend yourself, yell to someone behind the person, then when they look, defend yourself.
3. Wait ’til they throw the obvious overhand John Wayne punch then move in and take it to the ground.
4. Land the first shot. Normally, this always directs the outcome.
5. The chin, but kids, don’t fight, it’s weak. Be prepared to defend yourself. David beat Goliath down for bringing it against Yahweh!