Top Five – Steve Berra

Skate Spots While Rehabbing

1. OSI.

2. Pathways Medical.

3. My computer.

4. Del Mar.

5. The moon.


1. Juliette Lewis.

2. Zooey Deschanel.

3. Kirsten Dunst.

4. Martin Starr.

5. Al Pacino.

Berra Skatepark Guests

1. Heath Kirchart-the only true local beside myself.

2. Arto-switch tre the pyramid, eight feet high in about five minutes-amazing!

3. Eric Koston-surprisingly, though, it’s rare that he comes by.

4. Patrick Fugit.

5. Appleyard and Rowley-awesome!

101 Cafà‡ Meals

1. Tofu chilaquiles.

2. Pancakes.

3. Tuna melt.

4. Chocolate malt.

5. I’m kind of burnt out on the 101. Actually, it sucks. It’s greasy and disgusting.

Tricks A Rehabbing Ankle Still Is Not Accustomed To

1. Anything switch.

2. Anything nollie.

3. Anything down more than five stairs.

4. Anything with a flip involved.

5. Anything on a handrail.

Predictions For 2005

1. I’ll finish my DVS video part.

2. After the DVS video, I’ll direct a movie starring Zooey Deschanel.

3. Eric Koston will still be the best.

4. More companies and people will cash out. I may or may not be one of them.

5. I’ll lose some trick I did back in ’92 and relearn one I did in ’93.

Reasons Why Skateboarding Is Better Than Ever

1. I’m not trying to “come up.”

2. I make more money than when I started and have retired from my strict ramen-noodle diet.

3. I ride for the Alien Workshop, DVS, and Active (yeah, Shane). They’re my only sponsors, thank god.

4. Eric Koston is still the best.

5. Some people may not care for me, but all the right ones do.

Reasons To Visit Nebraska

1. My family.

2. The Faint.

3. The weather in late September early October.

4. The nostalgia of it all.

5. There is no number 5.

People I Last Skated Vert With

1. Tony Hawk, maybe?

2. Bucky Lasek, maybe?

3. Neal Hendrix, maybe?

4. Mike Frazier, maybe?

5. Never with Bob Burnquist-I was done before he came on the scene.

Amateur Skateboarders

1. Bryan Herman.

2. Leo Romero.

3. Lindsey Robertson.

4. Justin Eldridge.

5. Is Billy Marks still amateur? If so, Billy Marks.

Skateboarders 1990

1. Danny Way.

2. Jeremy Klein.

3. Guy Mariano.

4. Bucky Lasek.

5. Mike Vallely.


1. Michael Mann.

2. David Fincher.

3. Zach Braff.

4. Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

5. Wes Anderson.

Fun Things To Do While You’re Physically Out Of Commission

1. Write movies. Well, it’s kind of fun, like trying a trick for sixteen hours straight.

2. Go to the movies with Eric and Ashley.

3. Watch the DVD box set of Freaks And Geeks over and over and over.

4. Film and edit the visuals for the Broken Spindles tour.

5. Late-night malts with Martin Starr.


1. The decline of our civilization.

2. The fact that too many people are prescribed drugs, especially


3. That I’m not doing enough to help my fellow man.

4. Age.

5. The DVS video.

TransWorld Covers

1. Ed Templeton.

2. Honestly, I remember hardly any covers except for the ones I’ve had.

3. Dyrdek-I remember that one-switch crooks.

4. Tony Hawk, Indy air.

5. Natas Kaupas, frontside grab or something like that-I just remember I thought his hair was cool.