Trick Tip – Backside Tailslide Shove-It

1. Master ollieing 90 degrees into a back tail on something that won’t slide, so you can get the feeling of where you need to land and how to balance. When you’re ready to step up to the slideable obstacle, approach with a speed at which you feel confident.

2. This trick is mostly the bottom part of your body acting like a swivel, following the initial motion of your upper body. It’s all one quick motion, so get that upper body moving before you pop.

3. You should be halfway through that one single motion, and hopefully you’ve popped hard enough to make it above the lip.

4. You should now be a few degrees short of the full 90 and over the obstacle, so prepare to put it down.

5. Right now it almost feels as though you’re sitting solely on your back foot. Lean a bit in the direction you came from to push the back tail the way you want to-long.

6. As you keep pushing it, your front foot will feel a bit helpless, but once you get the trick, you’ll learn the significance of the front foot.

7. To do a shove-it out of your tailslide, you’ll want to give a slight push as if you were going to come out fakie (not down as if you wanted to ollie again) and a tiny hop just to get your feet off the board.

8. Set your feet down a bit quicker, since the board doesn’t need to rotate a full 180.

9. Fall back to the ground, but land lightly on your feet.

10. Roll away with a celebratory confidence that you’ve just chalked up a new trick on the board-and remember, the best way to learn is to practice. Everybody does things differently, and the feeling differs for each individual. Good luck and happy skateboarding!-Ronnie Creager