Trick TipIndy Grabs with Tony Trujillo

Trick Tip
Indy Grabs with Tony Trujillo

*Just so you know, Indy grabs can only be done backside and were first done by Duane Peters. So don’t say “frontside Indy” or people will laugh at you.

1. Start your ollie.

2. Keep your shoulders square with the board; this makes it easier.

3. The secret to this trick is sucking your legs up and making the board come to you-don’t hunch your shoulders over and try to grab it.

4. Now grab the front part of the board with your back hand.

5. You can now point your nose down by moving your front foot forward for extra style.

6. Make sure you’ve grabbed hard enough to keep the board under your feet, because you’re about to let go.

7. Start extending your legs, and spot your landing.

8. Put the wheels down and keep your weight centered.

9. Roll out!