Triple Crown Practice in Oceanside

(Click Here for Practice Video)

On a whim today, I decided to go down to the Oceanside pier and see what wasgoing on. We weren’t going to start our “live” webcast until Friday night,but I thought I’d go and see if anyone had showed up yet anyway. Yesterday Iwatched as the workers put the finishing touches on the street course, vertramp and bowl, and I had a feeling that some practice sessions would begoing on today. So I went down and got the scoop for y’all.

The course wasn’t nearly as hectic as it’ll be in the coming three days, andthe ramp was pretty mellow, but some serious skateboarding went down in bothdisciplines nonetheless. Getting a jump on everyone else that’ll be takingon the street setup in practice tomorrow, Caine Gayle, Kerry Getz, TyroneOlson, Chad Fernandez, Carlos De Andrade and about 15 other attacked thecourse as if there was $15,000 for first place on the line… like their willbe on Sunday. I heard some complaints about the layout, but there’s no doubtthat we’ll be seeing some crazy sh*t go down in the coming days. Burnquist,Andy Mac, Pierre Luc, Comer, Crum and about 10 other heads took on the vertramp, which strays from the traditional two-identical-walls construction: inthe middle of one side there’s an extension that appears to be about 3 feettall, there’s a strange semi-circular ledge thing hanging out on the otherside as well as a bar that looks quite similar to the one that Bob did hisfakie 5-0 to flip out on in the X-Games not long ago. It doesn’t appear toomuch different than your average vert ramp, but it definitely has someinteresting new elements to it. The bowl didn’t see much action on thisslightly overcast Thursday, but the old men, the young men and the girlswill be shredding it real soon.

Until then, take a gander at these photos and the highlight video clip. I’llbe coming at you tomorrow night with all the sh*tz that went down in thesecond day of street and vert practice, the under 30 bowl comp and thegirl’s bowl contest.

(Click Here for Practice Video)

Vans Event Schedule

Friday, October 6, 2000 ¿ Registration, Practice Day & Bowl Competitions
Street Practice 10 AM ¿ 6 PM
Vert Practice 10 AM ¿ 6 PM
Bowl Practice 10 AM ¿ 2 PM
Bowl Competition (pros under 30) 2PM ¿ 5 PM
Girls Bowl Comp 5 PM ¿ 6 PM

Saturday, October 7, 2000 ¿ Girls Street Finals, Men’s Vert and Street Prelims
Open Practice – Vert & Bowl 9 AM ¿ 12:00Noon (Vert) 9 AM ¿ 4 PM (Bowl)
Girl’s Street Practice 9 AM ¿ 10 AM
Girls Street Finals 10 AM ¿ 11:30 AM
Vert Elimination’s 12 Noon ¿ 2:30 PM

Sunday, October 8, 2000 ¿ Masters Bowl – Vert and Street Semi-Finals and Finals
Master’s Bowl Practice 9 AM ¿ 10 AM
Master’s Bowl Contest 10AM ¿ 11:30 AM
Street Semi-Finals 11:30 PM ¿ 1:15 PM
Vert Semi-Finals 1:30 PM ¿ 3:00 PM
Street Finals 3:15 PM ¿ 4:15 PM
Vert Finals 4:30 PM ¿ 5:30 PM
Awards 5:45 PM